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Caring about meeting your needs, and helping you have fun along the way is the experience I want you to have when you work with me. Your wedding photography is far more than a product, it’s an experience. You only get to do this once! It’s true.  The photographs I will capture for you will be something you can treasure for a lifetime.  

Because your story is not just one day in the future. It’s now. It’s then. And it’s forever, all at once. Throughout our time together, I want to capture your love authentically, joyfully, adventurously. To become a part of this story you’re already living, and to be someone you trust as a friend.

The Experience begins at $4,200

Welcome TO THE

The engagement session is so much fun! I value this part of your experience so much that I include it in every wedding package! It’s such a great time to get to know each other better, and for me to enter into your story and get to know you.

Pretend for a moment you’re taking me on a date with you and your love. It’s a Saturday afternoon or evening.  I'll ask you several questions before we plan your engagement session so we come up with ideas that make you excited! We can be creative with locations and themes, and I love to craft this experience together.

We’ll photograph for 2 hours, starting 2 hours before sunset so we can hopefully chase some magiclight! You can wear up to 2 outfits for variety in your images, and bring any props you’d like to create a scene. I love when my clients end the engagement session and say, “That was so much fun!” Because it should be! And I can’t wait to give that gift to you.

  Where will we go? 
What will we do?

Your wedding experience starts long before the actual wedding day! I’ll give you tons of tips and help as you plan the wedding and think about all the fun details. Before the wedding, we’ll craft your wedding timeline together so there is enough time to capture each part of your day. And after the engagement session, you’ll feel so comfortable and ready in front of the camera on your wedding day!

The day of the wedding will be full, but you can truly live inside each of the moments. Accompanied by my second photographer, I will help direct your time, from getting dressed, to setting up the first look location, and organizing portraits. We will be non-intrusive during the ceremony and reception, and capture tons of candid and natural moments. But during the formal parts of the day, we’ll help direct you so you feel comfortable, and of course leave space for more natural moments to occur! And by the time we take creative night portraits, you’ll be having such a blast that you wish the day was longer! As one of my clients said, “I wish I could have a pause button!”

It’s my joy to help you so that you can really experience the day and be present inside each moment. And when I deliver your digital images, they will forever enable you to re-live your day, to feel the emotions again, and see all the moments you couldn’t experience that day. Then we’ll start to design your beautiful wedding album! I’ll guide you through the process of choosing images, and send you a proof layout design online. After we print the album in Italy, you’ll have a beautiful product that you can display in your home, and re-live the moments of your day forever!

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What is the process like?

The Engagement

The Engagement

The Wedding

The Wedding

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