And magic- That's what my needed to
hold onto.


A painting that lasted only for a few minutes. Just enough minutes for me to Click. Remember. Click. Hold on. And then, I waited on the park bench with my mom. Just waited for the sky to turn dark. I lingered there, heart full to the brim. Full to the brim with the glory I’ve seen, the glory I breathed into my lungs, and let sink deep into my heart. It’s always this God-glory that makes my heart come alive.

And finally, the winding road inside the park came into view – the willow trees, the field with the endless hill. We parked the car on the right, at a small beach, parked at a drive up spot that wasn’t even a parking spot. But we parked there still. I grabbed my camera – flung my flip flops to the ground and walked barefoot on the sand. I watched as the light went further down on the horizon. Click. I watched as the sky blazed with pink and the clouds started reflecting the beauty of that color. The entire sky became pink, and I was so full of wonder I could just dance. Dance as the entire scene became a painting – a painting that changed the entire landscape.

We got on the highway, started picking up speed, and at a certain point the river came into view on the right hand side. And there was the sun. That glimmering beacon of light and hope that gracefully held the day – the beautiful, messy, normal day – together – and was now going to draw in for a night’s sleep. That sunlight was glimmering, following our car as we chased it. After awhile, I wasn’t sure anymore – were we chasing it, or was it chasing us? The chase made my heart pulse, pulse. Almost there. Almost there. I clutched my camera – ready to jump out of the car at any moment.

The light started disappearing behind the trees, clouds forming full, spreading out in thin layers across the sky. “I think it’s going to be a good sunset tonight.” I tell my mom. My eyes glimmer at her when I say, “Wanna go?” And of course she did...she was always up for the adventure with me. I grabbed my camera body, we started the car, hope and anticipation filled my heart like air filled my lungs. I was a woman on a mission – a mission to catch enough beauty to keep this heart pulsing with life. Just maybe, would be magical tonight. And magic – that’s what my heart needed to hold onto. I held on with the joy of anticipation. It was summer – and we loved to drive to our favorite park on the Hudson River.

the Story of

chasing light...